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The FatChanceBellyDance® store provides everything American Tribal Style® belly dancers need ~
instructional dvds, music cds, costuming, jewelry, zils (finger cymbals), and more: http://fcbd.com/
Flying Skirts, the original costumer for FatChanceBellyDance, creates hand-made dancewear 
for tribal-style dancers: http://www.flyingskirts.com/
Saroyan Mastercrafts, maker of  FatChanceBellyDance signature zils, produces a large selection
of high-quality finger cymbals: http://dwp.bigplanet.com/saroyan/
Tribal Bazaar offers authentic tribal jewelry, textiles, costuming, as well as coins and
beads for your costuming projects: http://www.tribalbazaar.com/
Other Sister Studios of FatChanceBellyDance teach American Tribal Style belly dance elsewhere in Southern
and Central California:
     Jen "Edara" McDonald, of Twisted Gypsy, in Pasadena, Sylmar, Grenada Hills: http://www.twistedgypsy.com/
     Laurie Miller, of L.A. Tribal, in San Fernando Valley: http://latribal.net/site/welcome.html
     Dana Johnson, of Blue Moon Haven, in the Central Coast area: http://www.bluemoonhaven.com/joomla/
     Dana Adoptante, in Antelope Valley: http://www.avbellydance.com/
     Tribal Sooz, in Orange County: http://www.tribalsooz.com/
Tribal Dance Jam (TDJ) is a Southern California event produced 2-3 times per year by Sister Studio
Laurie Miller to promote community and networking for American Tribal Style dancers who adhere to
the FatChanceBellyDance format: http://www.tribaldancejam.com/site/welcome.html