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Class guidelines


                                CLASS  GUIDELINES

Women and girls only:  Classes are open to women and girls only, whether as students or as visitors, with the exception of male musicians who may occasionally be invited to participate.
Studio mirrors: Please do not touch the glassless mirrors in the studio. They are fragile and can be easily scratched and torn.
Children: Girls 8 years and older are welcome to take classes along with mom, so long as they are able to focus on the class and not become disruptive.

Dress:  In Level 1 classes, you may wear any comfortable clothing that does not restrict your movement. I recommend a long full skirt or comfortable stretchy pants, and a snug-fitting stretchy top such as a choli, camisol, or sports bra. A snug stretchy top allows me and you to see your torso movement. You may dance with bare feet or in dance shoes with flat, smooth solesWear your hair up off  your neck and shoulders. In higher-level classes, you must wear a long full skirt and a choli, and wear your hair up off your neck and shoulders.
Classroom etiquette:
    Don't talk while dancing. If you are talking, you are not dancing.
    Don't ask your classmates to teach you. I'm the teacher. If you have questions, please ask me. I welcome questions! My classes are small and friendly, so don't be shy.
    Don't teach your classmates. I'm the teacher. If someone asks you a question, gently direct her to me.
    Don't chat during class. Class time is for focusing on and being present to the dance. Be respectful to me and to your classmates. 
   Don't be defensive when I correct you. Defensiveness is self-defeating. If you aren't open to critique, you can't learn. Critique isn't punishment; it's help - it tells you how to improve your dance. Cultivate a welcoming attitude toward it! 
  Don't give excuses. Excuses ("Oh, but I saw Jane doing X, so I thought ...") are just another form of defensiveness. It doesn't matter why you made a mistake, and you're just wasting the classes' time by trying to explain how you couldn't help it. 
Water: Be sure to bring a bottle of water with you to class. Staying well hydrated makes a big difference to your energy and enjoyment.
Punctuality: Arrive several minutes before class to sign in, change your shoes, greet your classmates, etc. If you must arrive late, be respectful by entering and signing in quietly.   
Visitors: Students are welcome to bring women and girls age 10 or older to observe
the class at no charge. Visitors must observe the class quietly and not chat on their phones or  wander around the premises.
 Pets: We all love them, but please leave them at home.

 Thanks for your cooperation!